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    MSPs; Raising the Cost of Contract Labor 

    Become your own MSP. Unlock Revenue from Staffing.

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Use the Same Technology that the Largest Staffing Agencies Use to Get on the Right Side of Contract Labor

Become your own Managed Service Provider or Independent Staffing Agency. 

And Save Significant Time & Money Doing It.

Rooted in transparency, our technology not only showcases the hidden costs of outsourcing talent acquisition, but also leverages processes perfected over 20+ years to flip the script on staffing and start charging admin fees for contract labor.

The “standard model” of outsourcing talent acquisition can add 5% or more to any medical contract labor spend. Not to mention the commissions associated with outsourcing the acquisition of reliable clinical and nurse talent.

Our technology eliminates that extra cost. And then some.
You don't need to alienate your agency relationships to develop a new way to attract a larger candidate pool.
We know that contract labor is a significant line item on every year's budget. So we have made it our mission to promote transparency, and empower healthcare providers to achieve technology enabled savings. Easily. And confidently.

Maximize fill rates. Minimize costs. And, maintain quality coverage. 

Use the same technology that agencies use to significantly enhance and control every dollar of expense. BlueSky Medical Staffing Suite is here to do the heavy lifting

Our technology is the  solution you've been looking for.

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20+ Years of Innovation 

"Good things take time. Great things take a little longer."

We didn't develop our software solution overnight. Our top-of-the-line technology is a result of our steadfast commitment to innovation and 20+ years of consistent, thoughtful enhancements. 

There's a reason we've stuck around so long. 

5% Return on Every Dollar Spent

Don’t stand on the sidelines. Let technology put you in the game. Utilize the same technologies that agencies utilize to reduce your costs. Up to $500,000 returned for every $10M spent

Immediately cut 5% off your contract labor spend by bringing nurse and clinical talent acquisition in-house with BlueSky technology. Then simply enjoy the view of your labor overhead shrinking.

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Compete for Local Talent

Nurses are leaving full time employment for temporary contracts. Float Pools are not picking up these nurses. 

Are you speaking the language of agencies when recruiting to that population? 

Flutter is.

Is Your Staffing Model Efficient?

Would you hire an Uber driver from another state to take you across town? Only if you had no other choice. 

Are your own local nurses leaving your city to take assignments that you need filled?


One Health System Generates Revenue with Cash Back on Every Nurse Placed by an Agency. 

Their program is completely self-funded and generates enough revenue to cover their system-wide float pool and other HR initiatives.

    • Increased Control of Staffing Quality
    • Cost Management and Budget Predictability 
    • Alignment with Culture & Values
    • Improved Regulatory Compliance

Key Features

Automated Matching Capabilities 

Instant Job Order Matching 


Credential Repository & Management 

Vendor Neutral Technology

Mobile App 


Payroll Aggregation 

And More...

Automate Float Pool Management

Maximize Shift Fill Rates. Minimize Costs.

Provide opportunities to existing employees first

Offer incentivized shift rates

Reduce overtime

Leverage less expensive local contract labor

Reduce reliance on travel labor

We're proud to be the most affordable Float Pool Management Solution on the market!

Features Designed for Peace of Mind

Automated job matching

Mobile app alerts

User-specific shift rates

And more...

So, Why Automate?

Well, the Market* Might Have Something to Say...

Hospital Contract Labor Expense skyrocketed 257.9%* 

Nurse Contract Labor full-time equivalents (FTEs) jumped 138.5%*

Existing nurse employees & contract labor nurses worked longer hours; overtime hours rising more than 15%

Need More Details? We've Got You Covered.

Temp + Travel Nurse Scheduling

Designed to handle the many complexities that comes with staffing nurses including credential management, shift differentials while handling any scheduling scenario. Getting the largest pool of quality talent is vital, so BlueSky automates the processes for you.

Per Diem + Locum Tenens Scheduling

Quickly place candidates on Per Diem shifts through BlueSky’s custom match functionality and mass communication integrations while simultaneously handling complex operational workflows with simple clicks of a button.

It's never been easier.

Physicians, Allied + Specialty

Allied professionals require their own discipline-specific requirements and are easily managed with BlueSky, as well. Set required compliance documents in the software admin panel once. 

Set it and forget it! 

Healthcare Vendor Management Software (VMS)

The keyword here is neutral. We are not your vendor manager, but rather we are the software that helps you run operationsOur software will never bar your vendor or their candidates from appearing as a result. 

We are not for sale. We are privately owned, we are not a staffing agency or MSP; we simply provide the software tools to tackle all of that work in-house for you.

Credential Management & Competency Testing

Medical credential management can be a big obstacle between your facility and reaching scalable success.

Our healthcare staffing software provides you with the ability to customize competency test requirements, onboarding policies, skills checklist associations, and more. 

Challenge us on the specifics!

Custom Staffing Software Needs

Not sure what you need? Or do you know you need something you haven't read here?

Odds are, we've run into it before. The world of medical staffing is incredibly complex, but thankfully we've been providing solutions for over 30 years. We've seen a lot, and done a lot. And we can customize our software to fit your needs.

Reach out to us for a customized discussion.

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